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 Camper FAQ


To ensure everyone's safety for Camp and to know the CDC guidelines that we are putting in place please review the FAQ's below. As you know, changes continue so we will be in contact again as needed with updates. 

Where is camp at?

Eastpoint Church, 15303 E. Sprague Avenue, Spokane Valley. We look forward to being in their beautiful spaces and we are the main group in the building during the week. 

What to do and bring to camp at Eastpoint Church? 

  • A packed lunch (preferably peanut-free due to camper allergies)

  • A filled water bottle with your name on it

  • A towel or small blanket to sit upon at lunch

  • Your script (after you bring it home on day one)

  • A clean mask daily (we will also have disposable on-site).


Due to current circumstances, we are asking for everyone to have the best possible personal hygiene ever. :) Please bathe before camp, have a good breakfast, brush your teeth and wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water. The cleaner we all can be the less germs in general. 

What to expect when you arrive at Eastpoint Church?

Please plan to have your student arrive 5-10 minutes before camps begin at 10:00 am with your mask on for a temp check with a contact-free infrared thermometer (needs to be less than 100.4).

Once you enter the building you will personally be escorted to your classroom space by your camp directors.​

The camps have different restrooms that they will be using all week. 

What will we do once we are in our classrooms regarding PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)? 

Each student will have his or her own plastic bin to put their individual belongings in.


We will wash hands and review social distancing daily. Once we are "in the groove" this process will go quickly but safely so we can learn and have fun at camp! 

How and when will we be having lunch? 

We are asking that you bring a small blanket or towel to sit upon for lunch that will be "your personal space." We will be having lunch in either the lobby, hallway or our rooms this summer. After lunch, everyone will put their masks back on, use the restroom/wash hands and return for the afternoon session. We will also have a wellness check at lunchtime.

Are we having sets, lights and costumes?

This year we are creating personal props and will have some additional craft and writing projects planned daily. Each child will have their own supplies in their personal bins. Usually, we encourage sharing but this year everyone will have their personal items pre-packaged and ready to use. Costumes are creative pieces that we ask that you work on at home with your children. These are meant to be items that you already have or something that you can make. Our sets this year will be hand props, chairs, tables, boxes and our imaginations. We always say that in the theatre that if we had to take it all away and paint it black we should still be able to tell a story. We will and then some! We're thinking "out of the box" more than ever this year!

What happens if a camper has PPE fatigue?

As they have at Disney, we will have a "relaxing station" for each camp outdoors. DIrectors will be assisting to make sure PPE is removed safely and a camper can "take a break" outdoors with a camp director or assistant. 

How does a camper exit the building at the end of the day? 

Campers will put their face shields and personal items in their bins and be escorted by their Camp Directors outdoors with any items they are taking home for the day. Please note that we ask that you wipe down and thoroughly clean reusable water bottles at home and lunch kits/boxes. Parents, please wait outside to pick up your camper with a mask on and social distance with others. 


Only two campers in a restroom at a time. 

Can a parent attend the showcase? 

Due to safety regulations, only two members of the same household will be able to attend per camper. We will have seating six feet apart in the spaces. SVST camp staff will take your temp and give you a pump of hand sanitizer before entering the building with your mask on Thursday afternoon, the same as campers. We will bring you in together for the start of the showcase. Each showcase will last approximately 30 minutes. Middle and High School camps may run longer. We ask that after the performance that you return to the outdoor space and the campers will gather their personal belongings and then meet you outside. You are welcome to videotape and take pictures for those that you would like to share with. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 


Jen and Molly's Camp – 2:30 pm showcase (2 family members please arrive at 5 - 10 minutes prior)

Hailey and Hayley's Camp – 2:00 pm showcase (2 family members please arrive 5 - 10 minutes prior)

Thank you for enrolling your children in SVST camps this summer. Their safety is always our greatest concern and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We're looking forward to seeing you and having a positive, enriching, supportive, and fun time together.

See you at the theatre at Eastpoint!

Our best,

Yvonne Johnson and the SVST Camp Staff

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