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SVST/ICSVPAC is committed to providing superior production quality that results in equitable opportunities for all. We believe this commitment fosters continued success in a diverse and changing world. Like the Inland Northwest region in which we are incorporated, SVST/ICSVPAC self-acknowledges that it is historically and predominantly white. However, we strive to include and offer opportunities to people of the Global Majority (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). We welcome conversation from community leaders, staff, board members, national advisers, and industry colleagues on anti-racism and equity.


Along with participating in ongoing conversations, we proactively and publicly share this commitment to anti-racism and inclusion, not only to communicate with candor, but to hold ourselves accountable and be held accountable by those we serve. SVST/ICSVPAC acknowledges this work is never done and is constantly ongoing.


Staff and performers are expected to value and respect all people, regardless of race, color, economic class, religious creed, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity. SVST/ICSVPAC is dedicated to ensuring equitable casting and hiring practices.


SVST/ICSVPAC is a safe performing arts space and educational conservatory that creates a positive and non-threating environment for administrators, staff, performers, educators and patrons, and which hires highly qualified, dedicated, and caring staff to provide a professional and inclusive theatre experience for all. We model proactive communication between administration, staff, artists, and patrons to ensure inclusion and cultural success. Our rehearsals and performance materials support a positive, inspirational, and enriching experience. 


We will continue our policy that whenever possible, creative teams for all productions must be suitably diverse in race and gender identity. When appropriate and depending on the project/production, all members of a creative team may be from the same historically underrepresented group. 


SVST/ICSVPAC will work to ensure our spaces are safe for all patrons, performers, and employees. We will strive to develop a positive environment that celebrates diversity in our community. We commit to ensuring that SVST/ICSVPAC is the heart of enrichment and caring for all people, by partnering to provide professional performances the highest production quality, which translates to a positive experience for all involved with our company.


Updated February 2024

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