Monday – Thursday: 10:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. Supervised lunch: 12 – 12:30 P.M. (please bring a packed lunch). Performance on Thursday afternoon per Covid response, CDC guidelines, and WA State phases and regulations. Please review our guidelines for COVID Safety. Note: We extended camps by one hour this season due to the facility not being open on Fridays. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.


Camps are available for students entering grades 2 – 12. Due to the pandemic, camps will be held at Eastpoint Church -15303 E.  Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley until we can return to Central Valley High School in 2022.


Questions? Email: Collin Pittmann, SVST Production Coordinator - or call 509-368-7897


***If your preferred session is SOLD OUT, you may write to camps@svsummertheatre to request addition to our waiting list.***

If you prefer to mail in your registration you can download it here. Classes will fill up fast so we encourage you to register online.

Middle and High School Camps – Enrollment limit: 14 per camp


July 19 – 22 Grades 7 – 12  $180

How does our character’s past affect who they are in the world of the show? Without even singing one note, this course will focus on the parts in-between the musical numbers; the dialogue and create their character’s backstory to elevate their skills as a musical theatre actor. Students will work with scene partners to perform scenes from popular musicals such as: The Prom, Legally Blonde, Into the Woods, Hello Dolly!, The Lion King, and The Wizard of Oz.

Instructor: Haliey Weber

Decoding the Script

July 26 – 29

Grades 7 – 12​


Students will be cast into one of six 10-minute plays to perform at the end of the week, which explore the theme of bullying from the collection, Bullying, Ink. Students will gain an understanding of how our unique experiences can be used onstage to connect to our character’s circumstances, even if we have never had the same experience. Students will learn the skill of pacing in a scene, detail to language/word choice, confidence in cold reading (seeing a scene for the first time) and detecting a character’s motive through their intentions. 

Instructor: Haliey Weber

Character to Character - SOLD OUT!

July 12 – 15

Grades 7 – 12   $180

How do we honestly tell a story on the stage? Students will focus on the dialogue within their scene to cultivate a strong understanding of developing relationships with other characters. Students will work with scene partners to perform scenes from popular musicals such as: High School Musical, Mean Girls, The Sound of Music, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Shrek the Musical and Footloose!

Instructor: Haliey Weber

Elementary School Camp Camps – Enrollment limit: 12 per camp

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - SOLD OUT!

July 26 – 29

Grades 4 – 7 


The fate of Middle-earth is in the hands of hobbit Frodo Baggins and his eight companions as they begin their journey to destroy the “One Ring.” Instructors: Jennifer Tindall and Molly Robbins

Instructors: Jennifer Tindall & Molly Robbins

Hermione Granger and the Hogwarts Home - SOLD OUT!

July 5 – 8

Grades  4 – 7   $180

For an entire semester there will be no adults at Hogwarts and the students will be in charge. Will they follow the rules? Discover if Hermione holds the key in this magical world. 

Instructors: Jennifer Tindall & Molly Robbins

The Stories of Dr. Seuss - SOLD OUT!

July 12 – 15 Grades 2 – 4  $180

Sneetch on the beach of the Plain-belly or Star-belly kind find common ground despite their differences in appearance and bring this classic Seuss story to life. Instructors: Jennifer Tindall & Molly Robbins

Peter Pan in Neverland - SOLD OUT!

July 19 – 22

Grades 3 – 6


J. M. Barrie’s story of Peter Pan, a boy who can fly, and his adventures on the island of Neverland with Wendy and her brothers, Tinker Bell, Lost Boys, Piccadillies and the pirate Captain Hook. 

Instructors: Jennifer Tindall & Molly Robbins

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - SOLD OUT!

August 2 – 5

Grades 3 – 6  $180

It's time to buy your golden ticket! Students will learn life lessons and theatre skills in Willy Wonka's famous chocolate factory. 

Instructors: Jennifer Tindall & Molly Robbins