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Welcome to the acclaimed Spokane Valley Summer Theatre Conservatory! Since 2016, the Conservatory at SVST has served as a theatrical touchpoint and launch pad for young people interested in the performing arts. Founded by award-winning Executive Artistic Director Yvonne A.K. Johnson, the conservatory has provided theatrical training for over 1,000 students. Each summer, hundreds of students are welcomed by our experienced and energetic conservatory teaching staff. All teachers are either certified drama teachers, professional practitioners, SVST performance veterans or college students pursuing their degrees in theatre. Our program offerings include themed “Play-in-a-Week” camps (grades 2-7), specialized week-long courses for middle & high school students (grades 7-12) and specialty workshops and masterclasses (upon availability). One thing is clear - young people in the Inland Northwest have a hunger and talent for live performance. We’re thrilled to nurture that spirit by providing a platform of bright lights and big stories for generations to come! In that theme, enrollment for our incredible 2024 'Summer of Adventure' is now LIVE with a range of 10 adventure themed camps to spark the interest of the young people you know and love.

Shine On,

Collin J. Pittmann
Production Manager



ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CAMPS $240, 16 Student Enrollment Limit

Please note: Each camp will be led by two instructors.



Grades 3-6 | JUNE 24-28 | 10AM-2PM | At University High School: 

In this classic L. Frank Baum inspired story, a tornado whirls young Dorothy and her dog Toto off to the magical world of Oz. There, they meet many friends, good and evil, on their journey to meet the Wizard in the Emerald City. Will Dorothy ever return home to Kansas? Get excited, this popular play-in-a-week camp will be positively EMERALD!

Instructor: Collin J. Pittmann + High School Assistant TBA



Grades 4-7 | JULY 8-12 | 10AM-2PM | At Ponderosa Elementary School: 

It's time to buy your golden ticket! Students will learn life lessons and foundational theatre skills in this week-long camp which journeys through Willy Wonka’s delicious chocolate factory!

Instructor: Emma Selle + Alex Read (High School Assistant)



Grades 2-4 | JULY 15-19 | 10AM-2PM | At Ponderosa Elementary School: 

J. M. Barrie’s story of Peter Pan, a boy who can fly, and his adventures on the island of Neverland with Wendy and her brothers, Tinker Bell, Lost Boys, Piccadillies and the pirate Captain Hook. 

Instructors: Emma Selle, Noelle Fries



Grades 3-6 | JULY 22-26 | 10AM-2PM | At University High School: 

Imagination, excitement, and magic, oh my! Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy embark on a mystery tour to the Land of Narnia through the wardrobe. There they encounter the wicked White Witch, and the Kind of the Beasts, Aslan the lion. Ultimately, the White Witch is destroyed, allowing good to triumph over evil in the time-honored way.

Instructors: Emma Selle, Taryn Ann Quayle



Grades 4-7 | JULY 29-AUGUST 2 | 10AM-2PM | At University High School: 

You know the Disney Villains… now meet their descendants. The young villains of the next generation team up to conquer evil in this energetic and adventure packed play-in-a-week camp. 

Instructors: Taryn Ann Quayle, Noelle Fries



Grades 2-4 | AUGUST 5-9 | 10AM-2PM | At University High School: 

Sunnyville residents desperately need help! Weathergirl has put a spell on the entire town so that it never stops raining. The Super-friends are up to the challenge of taking down Weathergirl and restoring sunshine and smiles to Sunnyville once again! 

Instructors: Taryn Ann Quayle, Noelle Fries



Grades 3-6 | AUGUST 12-16 | 10AM-2PM | At University High School: 

Luna Lovegood is missing all her belongings! She suspects Nargles have taken them but doesn’t bother searching for them. Harry, Ron, and Hermione team up with their friends to find Luna’s lost things. “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, just not always in the ways we expect.”

Instructor: Taryn Ann Quayle + High School Assistant



MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL CAMPS $275, 26 Student Enrollment Limit  


Grades 9-12 | JULY 22 - 26 | 10AM-3PM | At University High School Theatre:

Back by popular demand, this triple threat training camp tackles the fundamentals of singing, acting and dance. Led by industry professionals, students will develop confidence and stage presence through a group choreographed musical number as well as musical theatre duets. Facilitated by beloved and highly energized Voice Practitioner Dr. Andrea Olsen with guest artist appearances, this camp is sure to excite any student with an interest in the stage/performance. Instructor team: Dr. Andrea Olsen, Steve Mortier (Vocal Direction), Yvonne A.K. Johnson (SVST Executive Artistic Director) + a special video call appearance from a Broadway Actor.



Grades 7-12 | JULY 29 - AUGUST 2 | 10AM-3PM | At University High School Theatre:

Get ready to act! In this popular camp, students will be assigned scenes from some of the biggest Broadway shows, which will be performed in a showcase on the final camp day for family and friends. This class is designed to give students the fundamental building blocks for creating a character using the text and their imagination. Teaching the essential elements of acting, a diverse set of performance games are played to reinforce important ideas. As they move from text analysis to final rehearsals, emphasis is placed on spontaneity and creativity while maintaining focus and attention. This camp is perfect for your young actor, whether new or experienced!

Instructors: Haliey Weber & Amanda Guarisco


Grades 7-12 | AUGUST 5 - 9 | 10AM-3PM | At University High School Theatre:

Become a casting standout! This camp spotlights that crucial step after the audition... the callback! In this week-long masterclass, Theatre Director Collin J. Pittmann and Certified Drama Teacher Amanda Guarisco equip students with tips and tricks for navigating their next audition callback. Early in the week of camp, all students will mock “audition” for High School Musical - the Broadway Musical - with a theatre song of their choice. Students will then receive a “callback” for specific roles in the mock production and prepare for their callback accordingly (to occur on the final day of camp in a showcase for family & friends). Emphasis will be placed on “big” acting choices that make a performer stand out to the casting panel in a callback process. This specialized camp is the PERFECT experience for all performers, regardless of experience!

Instructor team: Amanda Guarisco, Collin J. Pittmann, Izzy Mesenbrink (Music Director), Yvonne A.K. Johnson (SVST Executive Artistic Director), with a guest appearance from voice practitioner Andrea Olsen.


"The SVST summer camps fostered my girls' love for theatre. Starting in elementary school, the "play in a week" camps were the perfect mix of acting, art, and fun.  As they got older, the Musical Theatre and Acing the Audition camps helped them progress and develop important skills to pursue drama at school and in the community (but still while having fun!).  The instructors are engaging and knowledgeable - we felt a special connection when we got to go watch

many of them in SVST main stage productions!"

- Megan Read, Parent

"Our daughter has participated in several summer camps through SVST and has loved every single one. It's often hard to choose from the many fun themes available! The exposure that our daughter has had to all aspects of the production process is valuable and the performances that are put on after only a week of preparation are incredible. We love how the SVST camps continue to inspire her to be involved in the drama community in Spokane. We are grateful that we have these incredible camp options in Spokane!"

-Matt & Cathy Santangelo, Parents

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